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Dear reader and dear friends from Australia, the UK, the US, South Africa and Germany/Austria.  This blog is about being diabetic typ one and long distnance traning. Is about my determination to keep on doing what I love – sports even if it would be so much easier to give it up due to my diagonze diabetic type 1.

Im afraid most of the blog will be in Swedish but please dont hesitate to contact me if you got any questions or would like to get a certain text translated.

Take care and keep on training!

all the best


I am made of all the days you don’t see not just the one you do (Jan Frodeno, triathlon champion)

Type 1 diabetes is the type of diabetes that typically develops in children and young adults. In type 1 diabetes the body stops making insulin and the blood glucose level goes very high. Treatment to control the blood glucose level is with insulin injections and a healthy diet. Other treatments aim to reduce the risk of complications and include reducing blood pressure if it is high, and to lead a healthy lifestyle.



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