Gasping Ones! / ”Use your massive leg muscles Josefin” /training for Vätternrundan

”Josefin, You have to pull UP too! Not just pull the pedels down, you need to make sure you pull up just as well, as if you are riding a mountianbike instead of a road bike.”

Yesterday I was traing on my roadbike, doing the traing session my mate had set up in my Garmin; ”Flåsettor”In English ”Gasping Ones”;

  • 20 minuntes of warm up
  • 1 minute of hard work eg high cadense, hight speed, high of everything 🙂
  • 3 min active resting  eg bike on with a normal pace
  • repeat 8 times
  • 20 min of slowing down

I had strawberry jucie with me so I would get a sip of carbs every 3 min ( during ”resting session”) I did the warm up and then the session and my varge speed in the intervalls was above 35 km/per hour and the avarge speed of the whole session was 28,1. Im please since I can feel I get quicker for each session I do. Best of all, bg was perfect, started at 6 and at min 7th interval the CGM  was beeping for rapid bg going up so I took a combined bolus and at the ned of the session bg was 7,5!  WOOOHHOOO!

My mate who I went mountainbike riding with yesterday and a few weeks ago ( havet got a MTB of my own) encourages me. He is type none but is really doing his best to understrand what Im doing and how my body works. When I went up a hill he noticed my legs mucles and I try to keep that sences as a mantra when Im tired ”  USE YOUR MASSIVE LEG MUSCLES”

Im training for Vätternrundan which is a 300 km long bike race around a lake in Sweden which will take place on 13 of June.  The weekend prior to that, on the 8 June , I will do the ”HalvVättern” eg 50 % of the distance, 150 km. This event I will do for ”Sockertoppen”, in English Suger Peak. Sockertoppen is the name of the training camp for kids with diabetes type 1 which is held by the cross country skiier Robin Bryntesson. I will partipate as a grown up adult looking after the kids at Sockertoppen this summer.

Powered by insulin:)

Powered by insulin:)





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