Phil is right, he is the worlds´s number 1 diabetic/ Josse rides 73 km with Dr W

SUN!  The first true spring days is here, +15 degrees even if its still March!    So today I have done two things; I have been bike riding and I have been reading about a bike racer- I have finished the book ”Not dead yet” by Phil Southerland”. He is a type 1 biker.

”Doctor W” and I spent 60 km togethr today in the sun. Since I was hight during the night I took ( too much) insulin early in the morning with made me low  for breakfast. therefore I had less insulin for breakkie which- of course made me hight just when we were about to start so I made a correction with ( too much) insuline which made me low 30 min into the ride….. BUT  I noticed it this time!  Just when I was about to say to dr W ” soemthing is wrong, I think Im low” both the CGM  (stand alone) and the pump was ”screaming”. I had 4,7 double arrow down so I had some eergy drink and a Snickers and we went on. ( I suppose Dr W enjoyed the silence, the only time Im quiet  is when Im low, eating or tired…..)

5 km later im still fatigue, feeling that Im in the air with no energy. Since I had left my bg-meter at home I looked at the CGM. 3,2 one arrow down. I said ” Im still sinking” and Dr W says ”impossible, not of energy drink and a Snickers.  I said”  well I feel sorry for you because Im destroying your bike session since we have to go slow now, I dont understand why you ride with me- you are much faster than I am.  He looked at me and said” I was worn out after 30 km at our last ride, so no im not.

I really really enjoy riding with Dr W . He is not my docotor but he is a doctor and we are having great conversations and I learn from him and he learns from me. There is no one I feel safer with rding with but with Dr W.

This afternoon I went down to the seaside, to the straight of Öresund, to read the last part of ”not dead yet” I had tears in my eyes when I read about Holly Kulp, senior vice president of markering at Abbott, who said ” Phil , if Abbott wont sponsor Team Type 1 at Race Across America , RAAM  I and my husband will  (Abbott did sponsor the team).  In some ways I see similarites between Phila dn myself even if i got digosed at the age of 36,

  • During the night after the first day of the race, the Navigator ( which is a CGM, just like my Dexcom) woke the whole team up beacuse they were low ( yes I do recognise that ! )
  • Phil also mention that after the race he has public speaches for kids- just like I do but at a smaller scale- I went to a kids school in November to tell  one of ”my diabetic child” mates about how it feel to be diabetic and what they can do to help their mate.
  • Josh, a 12 years old type 1 is joining the team at the last day of RAAM- I had little Amanda aged 3 who was  cheering at me during one of my cross coutnry skiing raced- I will never forget her voice!
  • Phil has splended sentence which he has worked out with his doctor; if you cant figure out a reason figure out a solution. Gosh I love that sentence! Even if I dont know what I have done wrong I solve the problem but I have never thought if it like that!
  • Phil describes problems with his legs and how not be able to bike ride effects his life ”  bicycling was more than competition for me: it was a life style, a culture and it was also a form of medicine as effective as the insulin I took for diabetes” [ page 277]
  • In the US there is Camp Kudzu  for kids with diabetes-In Sweden we got ”Sockertoppen” [Suger Mountain/Peak] with the cross country ski racer Robin Bryntesson in charge  – if I get leave from work I will volenteer work there in July

One of the most important things, I think, Phil Southerland writes in this book is about getting control of your own diabetes, (just as Alvar has told me about), Phil says ;

Diabetes never goes away. Its always there, every mealtime, every day. Caring for it is a 365 day-a-year-job. By getting motivated, challenge to take the steeps needed and to make the change in life to manage diabetes – instead of getting overwhelmed by it, team Type 1 use ”strives for 6,5 ”

6,5 is the A1c. in Swedish ”HbA1C” and the book ends with  a plan for diabetes- how to reach 6,5.

If I ever get to meet Phil Southerland I will thank him for inspire me- with him in mind I will NEVER give up sport as long as I love it and I will always to my best to insprie others with diabetes typ 1 to do sports!

The bag from AnnaPS with brillant clothing for insulin pump and Not deat yet by Phil Southerland at the Öresunds straight- dont miss Denmark in the background.- at a swimable distance :)

The bag from AnnaPS with brillant clothing for insulin pump and Not deat yet by Phil Southerland at the Öresunds straight- dont miss Denmark in the background.- at a swimable distance 🙂



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