Drafting in the dark behind Dr W

” Josefin, come ON, speed up now- you should bike on until you feel sick” !
Funny how I get attracted to people who wants me to suffer :-

Today I have been bike- riding in the dark with my ”Thursday-friend”. For the first time this season I biked in my summer bike gear with tights ( instead of winter gear)!Helsingborg offered + 15 degrees.

My friend, who also is a doctor and I bike once a week, which I really enjoy. Dr W is a bite faster than me and I feel safe riding with him, my bg was 2,9 30 min before we started, 5,4 at the start.
In the dark on the country lanes we speeded up and I enjoyed riding in the dark. All I had in my head was PUSH PUSH and PUSH. Dr W encouraged me and I pushed even harder- the best bike ride this year! Bg at finish= 8.8 and 51,5 km


At the Öresund strait



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