Border to Border- is 450 km of cross country skiing possible with diabetes typ 1?

YES!  It IS possible to cross -country ski though Finland !  🙂

When I get a sport challange on my mind  its hard to stop myself. I normally make up my mind with very short notice- when I did my first ”Vasalopp” [ 90 km of cross country skiing] I did it with 72 h notice, Ironman with 3 weeks. That is what I love by beeing active- as long as I stay fit I can do a crazy idea reality if I want ! I started with the mental thought of Finland at New Year last year. In the end of January I did a ski training camp  with my club IFK Helsingborg and did 230 km in 5 days- as a preparation of doing 450 in 7 days…..and I left for Kuusamo 9 March 2013.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Finland, from the managing editor of  run by the ministry of foreign affairs.Here is the story. 🙂

During Border to Border my bg went from 2,5-22 a few times a day, blood suger wise it has been my hardest endurance training so far but I shall never  ever for get the white ,cold, stunning days in Northern Finland.IMG_0780 IMG_0803 IMG_0753 IMG_0745

KUUSAMO flygplats

KUUSAMO airport-”only” minus 25 degrees…


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