Robin is changing diabetes with NovoNordisk- and Josse asks NovoNordisk for a new challenge!

Today I had a ski session with Robin Brytnesson. Do you know who that is ? Robin a great skier, he was the 12:th at Vasaloppet the other year, he has raced for the Swedish National Cross Country Ski Team, he has won a Word Cup race, 3 gold in Junior World Championships, 3 gold in Swedish Masters …..and Robin is diabetic type 1 since he was a teenager.  A true inspirational bloke! Besides he is very sweet and kind too. 🙂

Robin had a training session with us, eg the Ski Team NovoNordisk and around 30 skiers employed by NovoNordisk Denmark and Sweden including the Swedish and the global CEO:s of NovoNordisk. Robin also has got a training camp for children with diabetes type 1 called ”Sockertoppen”  in English ”The Suger Peak”.

In the year of 1921 the Danish couple Marie and August Krogh. The scientist August, Nobel Prize winner in Physics and Marie was one if the first Danish female doctors. Marie had diabetes. During a trip around North America Marie persuaded August them to visit Frederik Banting who is of of the persons who discovered that people with diabetes needs insulin to live. The Krogh couple has a successful visit and returned to Denmark with the patent of producing insulin in Europe.  Marie and August founded, together with Hans Christian Hagedorn, Marie´s doctor two companies called Novo and Nordisk. In 1989 they two companies merged into NovoNordisk.  Since the start of (now called ) NovoNordisk the theme has always been patient (Marie), scientist (August) and doctor (Hans Christian) in a co-operation.

NovoNordisk as a company encourage sport for people with diabetes and got three teams in running, triathlon and cycling.  These NovoNordisk teams are for professional’s with diabetes. For the first time, NovoNordisk also got a ski team, (but we are not pro´s !)

CEO Global and CEO Sweden and myself- very proud in my NovoNordisk shirt!

CEO Global and CEO Sweden and myself- very proud in my NovoNordisk shirt!

I also asked NovoNordisk CEO about a new challenge! As some if you know, I have been swimming across the Öresund strait a few times. When I had my pump and swam across Öresund a new idea popped into my head; What about a Danish/Swedish challenge swimming across the strait? I would like to start in Limhamn, Sweden and someone from Denmark could start from Amager, Denmark. Since NovoNordisk in Denmark got 15000 employers one of them would like to accept my challenge 🙂 ?

Well I will ask! A swim between Linhamn and Amager is approx. 20 kilometre which means 10 km per person……Will I be able to make THAT? Time will tell……

Robin Bryntesson

Robin Bryntesson


Checking my skies -Robin advised me to change skies and use my Madshaus skies on Monday

Checking my skies -Robin advised me to change skies and use my Madshaus skies on Monday





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