Ski Team NovoNordisk/Diabetic Training Camp Selma Spa Sunne- in English -day 4

Dear Team BG , Team NoVoNordisk Bike Team, ”mr Denton” and dear readers;

A long sporty weekend is at its end. Vernoica and myself are now a part of SKI Team NovoNordic!  We have been at a lovely  countryside hotel in the middle of the forests about 4 hours drive north of Gothenburg at a place called Sunne.

The Ski Team NovoNordic got 1+ 8 members, one lady is going to do ”Tjejvasan” which is a 30 km cross country skiing race for ladies. The rest of us will do ”Öppet Spår”-Open track.


In the year of 1521 a young Swede called Gustav Vasa tried to esacpe the Danish King. In the town of Mora , county Dalarna, he left on a pair of cross country skis made of wood and headed northwest towards Norway. In Sälen, 90 km away, a Swedish party of soldiers managed to reach him and together they turned around to fight against the Danish king. Gustaf Vasa became later the king of Sweden.

To hounour this ski trip,  Vasaloppet, 90 km  long was founded in 1922. This race attracts today more than 16 000 skiiers and is the biggest cross country skiing race in the world. A part of the Vasa -week is Öppet Spår /Open Track.

The Ski Team NovoNordisk is a part of a study with Dr Peter Adolfsson ( the eqvialent of Mr Gallen in the UK) and  the nutrionist Stig Mattsson.  The concept is to increase the carbs per hour which means some of us, like Vernoica dont lower her basal as much as she normally does. Myself, I have to increase my basal to be able to absorbe more carbs by up to 50%. As some of you remember, I did this by +10 % day 6 at the Grand Tour with a splended bg 5-7 all day.

Today we have been skiing for nearly 2 hours , the snow was wet and I struggled since it was + 2 degrees- hard to get anywhere!  At the start my bg was 3,6 , after an hour I had 6 and at the end – 1 h and 50 min I had 16,8!!  I increased my basal by 50 % but I need to pratices this more before the race! Its tricky beacuse the traing sessions is after breakkie- that why I think Im low in the beginning of the session.

Keep you fingers crossed for us 24 feb  🙂

Ps Sugerbitch, Dr Peter Adolfsson had a laugh when we said ”sugerbitch”, ”then I must be Sugerman” he said 🙂

My 1000 Lumen  head lamp-I can ski and bike in any kind of darkness with it for hours....

My 1000 Lumen head lamp-I can ski and bike in any kind of darkness with it for hours….



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