CGM Dexcom- stand-a-lone and in Animas Vibe- a comparsion of the two

You must be lying! That was my first reaction on that sunny day in May 2010 when the doctor told me: ” Im 99 % sure that you are diabetic” diabetic, I cant be diabetic, Im fit and healty! Unfortunately the doctor was right and I was wrong, I was diagnosed diabetic type 1.  A new world and a new life began. I was determined not to give up my life which is sport. My greatest fear is to get a massive hypo, so massive I will pass out. I have to get used to live with the fear. I was a long distance runner and I was just about to do a ”Swedish Classic” which are four sport events;  the 3 km Vansbro swim, the 30 km Lidingö crosscountry run, the 90 km of Vasaloppet, cross country skiing and Vätternrundan, 300 km of bicykling.

The diabetic health care in Sweden depends upon where you live and how much information you look for yourself. The first time I heard about a CGM was at the World Diabetic day in Lund, Sweden Nov 2010- a seven plus.  In May I was offered to try it for a week and sunndely my ”old” life was back!!! I dared to runner harder and faster and train harden and even eat things I didt had for a year (since May 2010).

I cryed when I handed the device back and thanked the lady so very very much. ”Thank you so much for giving my life back for a week.”  A year passed by and I did the Swedish Classic and since I had all the expensive equipment I did Kalmar Ironman as well. I was om MDI [insulin pens] and apart from the swimmning, I check my blood suger every 30 minutes. But I did it.

In the summer 2012 I did, still on MDI 1/2 Ironman and 2 hours into the bike ride my bg was 25. That evening I wrote a race rapport for an Facebook diabetic group and got I reply back. ”I if anyone, know excallyt how you feel, I can understrand how much you are stuggling, beacuse Im just like you.” This is the first sentence of my new live.  ” By the way , you got get a pump, if you train so much. I have been diabetic since the aged of 3 and I have always been sporty. Im Alvar.”

By beeing aquantance with Alvar I suddenly had someone how knows what its like to do long distance training. He know almost everything. He is the best part of my diabetes!

In September 2012 some people in my running club did Island to Island – ranked as one of the toughtest one day races in the world. You need to run 65 km and swim 10, between the islands of Stockholm. WOW, I would like to do that but I cant – Im diabetic type 1, I thought.

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! If I get a waterproof insulin pump the diabetic part of me wont stop me! I went to my nurse and asked. She said, ”there is Aminas Vibe but we dont recommend you to swim with it, you might break it, if you drop it” I replied” I cant see if I would be able to drop the pump since it would be attached to my body 24/7!!!

10 of October 2012 I got my blue stunning shiny Animas Vibe. I took me about three hours to love it, I left the hospital after the installtion with a bg of 6,0. Stunning!

Live became more handy, I never forget to bring insuline and I could adjust the amount of insulin.  But I was still struggling, especially during training, was my bg on its way up or down? I still had to take blood samples each 15-45 min during exercise, evn more often if I just had eaten or taken insuline.

1 of December was the first time I had it in my hand, the CGM reciver. This little grey button which has , together with Alvar and Animas Vibe insulin pump changed my life since I now dare to do most things!  Its absoulte amazing to be able to monitor my bg though my pump and or the stand alone system (a tiny technical device in the same size as a small mobile phone).

CGM in Animas Vibe or as a stand alone system?

In May 2011, when I had just tried the stand alone system Dexcom Seven I was convinced that was the only thing I needed- I thought I didnt need a pump, all I wanted was the stand alone system. Today  I see things diffrently- its so handy to have the insulie with me in the pump.  I never ever forget to bring my insuline. Beside I can adjust the amount of insulin much better by pump than by MDI:s during training or candy eating!

The best thing with the stand alone system is the fact that it a system which is not attached to the body. In my opinion the stand alone system is best for  cross country skiing and cycling. When I do sports like this I got plenty of pockets to put the device in. Skiiing is of course very cold which makes it harder to get blood samples. While cycling you dont want to take blood samples unless you really need to. Therefor the stand alone system is very handy.

But if I have to choose out of two where to get the CGM info  I do want  to get it in my Animas Vibe insulin pump. Why? Beacuse I ALWAYS got it with me.  No matter which sport I do I always try to find a way where got keep the pump at a smart place. It can be in the clip on the outside of my bra, in a belt around my waist or in in ipod case on my arm.  Since Animas Vibe got a coulour display its easy to check the display in the dark as well.

Since 5 Sep I have used both devices on a daily basis.  My conclusion is that the bg in the CGM  is often very very close to the real value ( blood sample in my fingers). The meter can say 7,8, pump 7,7 and stand alone 7,2. This is when Im stable, either during erxcerise or when I havent eaten for a while.  If I have eaten, say candy, the CGM  doenst rise as quickly as my bg is. Then I use the bg-meter as well.   I (more or less) always use the same meter and claibrate both the pump and the stand alone at the same time. From experince, (eg the time since 5 sep) I would say that the pump is more realiable then the stand alone system. Not much but the value from the pump is more or less always closer in it mesuret than the stand alone system. BG can say 9, pump 9,1 and stand alone  9,5. Weird since I treat both devices excalty the same way!

Stand alone or CGM  in the pump, no matter whch system we talk about -it has change my life and I never want to live without a CGM  ever again. Thank you Dexcom!


Stand alone och pumpen Animas Vibe kan bägge gå mot samma CGMsändare samtidigt!

Stand alone och pumpen Animas Vibe kan bägge gå mot samma CGMsändare samtidigt!





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