CGM provides me with my kind of lifestyle!

This email is for the IDF event in Brussels 13 Nov! IDF stands for  International Diabetes Foundation

I have always been sporty and I dont wanted diabetes typ 1 to stop me from continue to race when I was diagnozed May 2010 , 36 years old. I compete in longdistance running, road cycling, open water swimming and cross country skiing and I swim between Denmark and Sweden 5000-7000 across the strait of Öresund.  I did an Ironman 15 months after I was diagnozed(  swim 3850 meter, road bike 180 km and run a marathon, all in one day without breaks) . I did this on MDI  (multi daily injections) and 20 blood suger checks with my monitor. A year ago my life change since I was introduced to CGM. In March I did a 450 km skiing event though Finland . In June and July I did a swimrun race and in September I did a road bike event from Brussels to Barcelona 2000 km long  All four event got one thing in common- I WOULD NEVER DARE TO DO IT WITHOUT A GCM AND ANMIAS VIBE INSULIN PUMP.  The  cgm indicated the whole time where my blood suger is going which is essential to know when you train for 6-13 hours a day, day after day.

The Swedish healthcare has provided me with my Animas vibe which Im grateful for- its hard to get a pump from Swedish Health care.   The CGM is essential when I train, even more when I swim since I cant check my blood suger when Im in the water but the CGM  can indicate.
But I dont get the CGM from the Swedish Healthcare! Why? Because Swedish healthcare thinks is to expensive , since I got a good HbA1c and Im one of my doctors healthiest patients!!!   But I think I deserve it because I cant live my way of lifestyle without it!
photo: Howard Sayer

photo: Howard Sayer




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