mHealth day 14…no Josefin rides the Grand LITE Tour…/ or have I changed my mental view of riding?

Distance:  120 km ( in reality 165.2 km)

Estimated time: 5 h( in reality 6,50)

Ascent/decent: none

Start/turn around Elevation: 2 m

The day summary:

After 1800 km of riding with mHealth, is my mind more more used to long distance training? Will I consider 100 km to be less today compared to 5 weeks ago? Todays course is flat, really flat apart from one climb with is 2 km long ( yes 2 km, not 20!) and with a decent of 3km and one the way back its the opposite. The turn around point for today is Stortorget Malmö ( with a hotel where to hand in a package)

Point of interest on the Route:

  • Ven, an island in Öresund,( which is the water between Sweden and Denmark)
  • Barsebäck Newclear Power Station ( which is closed 19999 and 2005 but the buildning is still there, until 2020)
  • The small villages of Bjärred and Lomma which are on the seaside

Course note:

DONT  think that is quicker to make your own route ( because its note but you get to see some dead ends, fields and gravel/mud paths……

The motorway between Helsingborg and Malmö is around 60 km one way but if you use the country lanes and the cycles paths ” CYKELSPÅRET” the distance turned out to be longer…..

Planned stops :

  • Stop where ever you see a basket outside a garden- the Swedes are very kind people so they put out apples from their gardens to pick up for free- perfect to keep bs at a steady pace!
  • When you get to the turn around point, pleease note that the tent at the square is not Helen and Lees but you can have your own bar ( why not TORQ bar if you got a spare, they are very yummy… least if you didnt had 10 yesterday!


  • There is no Adam, no Sugerbitch and no Craig to call but out side of village Barsebäck, there is a sign at a house signed ” FOTVÅRD” feet care, make a stop if you wish!
  • You do pass the motorway 5-7 times but you should always be on a bridge or on a tunnel, if you are amongst cars, you are at the WRONG place!

Did I make it? YES! Did I make it before dark? YES!  Do I got a sore bum? NO!  Did another Team BG finish his/her bike ride a few hours before me ? I dont know, but its very likely! I would like to thank Paul at Team BG, suger bitch (diabetic nurse Claire) and Mr Denton (Adam who also is MR mHealth). You hav made me push what I thought was my own limit both physical and mentally. In fact I didnt thought the 165 km was that bad today , I really loved the bikeride today, in stunning 15 degrees sunny autum Swedish weather. I loved it so much I didnt think so much about my diabetes type 1, thanks to my Animas Vibe and my CGM . Thank you, you are forever in my heart!  

Turn around point -Stortoget i Malmö, Sweden

Turn around point -Stortoget i Malmö, Sweden



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