mHealth Grand Tour- cycling from Brussels to Barcelona 2100 km

Dear English speaking friends,

I just would like to update you of whats happening. Im doing  a clinical study done by University of Newcastle, England in co-operation with mHealth Grand Tour.  The study will find out more about exercise and diabetes type 1. If you go into and click on riders and then choose 564 you can read more about me!

In total we are around 100 persons from all over the world moving from place to place. In the ”staff section” there are  a health team,a cooking team, bike fit team etc.we are a few bike teams, the mobile telecom companies GSMA; Eitsalad, Orange, Ublox,  and the diabetic typ 1 realated teams; Team Novonordisk and Team Blood Glucose (where Im taking part) and other individual riders and teams.

Why would mobile telecom companies take part in this event and study? Well as of what I have understood after talking to riders of the teams mobile technology can help people with me through medical devices. A company such a Dexcom ( who produce and develop the CGM for my pump) is developing new methods to do be adviced about my blood glucose levels. In the future I will be able  to get my levels through a mobile phone verbally for instance!

So the tour is about ;

  • what does the body react on heavy exercise such as biking 200 km / a day as a diabetic typ 1?
  • how mobile at the heart of the health can be useful
  • HAVING FUN! I think its absolute AMAZING to meet all this people from all over the world and we are all sporty people!

Well time to go to bed, tomorrow we will ride 175 km and we got two big mountains to climb too!

Read more about me on this link and search for Palmen, Josefin

Josefin POWERED BY INSULIN! don't miss the black and grey "box" on each are. They are reporting my glucose levels to my pump and to a mobile phone.

Josefin POWERED BY INSULIN! don’t miss the black and grey ”box” on each are. They are reporting my glucose levels to my pump and to a mobile phone.





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