”Why is she biking like that, she doesn´t get anywhere” – bike trainer at Knutpunkten

Today I have been training in public- on a trainer with my bike at the local Central Station -Knutpunkten i Helsingborg. This is where the busses and trains arrived into the city centre and where the ferry arrives from Denmark.   The place was rather crowded and first it felt like a social study. Some people just looked, some took photos (!) and some just walked by. After a while my friend Helena ( on MDD) arrived with a poster ” EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH [DESPITE] DIABETES”

I had 100 minuter of  fun, I biked and biked and didnt move one single meter, but I did talk to al lot of people. I remember an man in his 25-30´s , his dad has diabetes and he is going to recommed his dad to have a look at my blog for inspiration! Helena and myself spoke to children who got mates who are diabetic type 1 and we spoke to adults who didnt know the diffrence between ty 1 and type 2. The best feedback I had from one of my ”diabetic children”. She said ” thank you so much for doing this, now you have made a few people aware of diabetes is and some of them will tell their friends and them the word will be spread!”

I would like to thank Helena, Fridan for helping me out  and to spread the word and I would like to thank ”Cykeldoktorn”, the bike shop I use for letting me use their trainer ! Thank you!

Daddy, look her bike is stuck, she doenst get anywhere...

Daddy, look her bike is stuck, she doenst get anywhere…



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