Bjorn- you are my inspiration

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You all know who Bjorn Borg is, right? The famous Swedish player who has inspired so many children to play tennis.  Do you know tha Bjorn means ”bear”  in Swedish? Well I got another Bjorn, another ”bear”-my former PE teacher. As a 12 years-old, I did my first cross country run. It was at school and the distance was 3 km. for the first and the last time I cheated while running. I did the 3 km in 28 minutes, saying I got lost (which was a complete lie since I grew up in the area. ) But the next time I did the same run in 15.19. Not too bad for being 12 years old J

I meet Bjorn at high school, he was the PE teacher for all classes apart from mine (at least it felt in that way). I aimed at the school record in 800 m cross country which I tried to do the last week before I left high school. I never made it but at least I got the same time as the record holder.  Bjorn encouraged me all them time.

Time went by, I went to junior college, uni and a two years ago I meet Bjorn again at Sövdesjön when I was training for open water. Guess what? He got diagnosed LADA diabetes a few years ago. Since then I try to catch up with Bjorn each time I swim at Sövdesjön and we discuss diabetes, training , dogs and now ”border to border and Kustjägaren”.

Yesterday it was more time for swimming and a few more miles on the bike. I did 41 km and I did keep up the speed fro Saturday.  But one thing worries me, I seem to preform the best when Im rather low, if I start at around 5 and keep the speed /adrenaline up so remain around. But I don’t like it, what happens if I drop?



2 thoughts on “Bjorn- you are my inspiration

  1. So true. Its a very fine target to stay at but I too am the best between say five and seven, but I have always been afraid to stay at that level and train. I am getting alot nearer to it after Loughborough uni, but will be happier when I get cgm. Otherwise I am having to test too much to try and stay there!!


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