Swimming with Animas Vibe ….in the Maldives

The Maldives! Island paradise!

Gosh, it´s SO NICE to swim in open water! As some of you might know, I was in Finland two weeks ago, cross country skiing Border to border. I have added another 50 degrees and Im now in the Maldives. The only skiing you can do here is water skiing but since Im out on a small island, Moofushi Resort, I decided to swim instead.

I would like to point out very clearly once and for all that you are perfectly safe swimming with you pump if you got Animas Vibe. The two biggest insulin pumps on the Swedish market are Animas Vibe( Rubin Medical) and Paradigm (Medtronic). I have choose Animas of a few reason ; first of all, its WATER PROOF and I mean water proof. I swim with my pump at least twice a week. Secondly, Rubin Medical is a small,(but not to small) personal firm with heead office only 60 km away from where I live. I find this very useful when i need help fast. When I did Vasaloppet ( 90 km crosscounty skiing) and needed a 110 cm long tube a mate of mine went to Rubin Medical to pick it up. They know me and I know them. Thridly, one of their product specialist, Henrik is also diabetic type 1. He is very helpful with all my sport questions since he is quite sporty himself. When I told him about Border to Border he said ” Josefin, 450 km is a long distance on cross country skiies”. He was right 🙂

Anyway, the teperature in the water here is 29 degrees and since I got a brand new bikini from AnnaPS with a pocket for the insulin pump I thought it was time for a swim. I got a brand new googles from Lewa Sport which are made for open water swimming with built in sunglasses. I wanted to swim around the island of Moofushi and started at 12,2 in blood suger level in the CRYSTAL CLEAR water. The swim was absolute stunning! I swam around the island , passed several kind of fishes and coral reef. Amazing! I got back 40 min alter at a bs-level of 5. This is the second time this week that I drop very much within 40 min. Last time was when I went bike riding. Do my body react to a new sport? Any thoughts?

Please let me know!

AnnaPS with Animas Vibe in the pocket

AnnaPS with Animas Vibe in the pocket


Lewa Sport googles

Lewa Sport googles

My bungalow at Moofushi

My bungalow at Moofushi

IMG_1132 IMG_1135


2 thoughts on “Swimming with Animas Vibe ….in the Maldives

  1. Hej! Ja underdelen sitter kanon, har med mig ”halterneck” i medium som överdel, fast igår hade jag en annan simtop när jag tränade. Halterneck blir fin om jag har tid att sola. Just nu väntar jag på att det ska bli ljust så jag kan simma före frukost. 7.55 går sjöflygplanet vidare till nästa ö/resort, Medufushi.


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