Border to border- with Animas Vibe even -41 degrees is possible!

Dear reader, as you might know Im in Finland, crossing the country by skiies. The temperature was – 41 degrees yesterday so my dear Sydneysiders, when you say ”its freezing today” – you dont know what you are talking about. THIS is COLD! 🙂 The letter below is for the CEO in Sweden of my insulin pump, Animas Vibe.

Dear Karl-Johan,

Greetings from a sunny but very cold Finland. As you know Im doing the ski event ”Border to Border” crossing Finland from Russia to Sweden at the moment. The distance is 440 km which takes 7 days. This morning it was – 41 Celcius degrees cold which made me a bite worried for my Animas vibe insuline pump. But there was no need to worry! I was wearing eight (8!) layers of clothes and layer four (4) was a special made singlet for insuline pumps made by . The singlet has a two pockets, one for the Animas Vibe pump and one for the blood glucose meter.  The hose is on the inside of the singlet to kepp the insuline warm. My Animas Vibe and Dexcom CGM worked perfectly fine at these winter teperatures- even if I have been skiing 86 km today which took me more than 12 hours…

Please feel free to forward this email to your European and US colluages. In my opinion this proves what you can do whatever you want with Animas Vibe- incluing skiing though the Finnish wilderness!

Best regards

Josefin Palmén, proud Animas Vibe user

IMG_0816 IMG_0805

Pinncale desert -finnish version (original is in WA, Australia)

Pinncale desert -finnish version (original is in WA, Australia)




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