Border to Border- part 3- 440 km of XC skiing will start on Sunday

Luggage for Finland!

Luggage for Finland!

Dear friends all over the world, in Australia, South Africa, The UK, The US, Laos, NZ and the rest of the world. Tomorrow I will fly to Finland, to Kuusamo in the eastern part, close to the Russian border. On Sunday I will start my biggest challenge ever- I will ski across Finland to the Swedish border. This event is called ”Border to border” and consists of 440 km off cross country skiiing.

Today I have made my last preperations- I have pay Rubin Medical in Malmö a visit. This company is marketing one of the best products ever- the insulin pump Animas Vibe. My Animas vibe is togehter with the insuline Aprida my ENGINE- without these two components I will die rather quickly. But WITH them I hope I can conquer the Finish wilderness. Please advice if you want me to make a summary each evening in English if you want to follow me!
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