Border to border-RAJALTA RAJALLE- I am totally crazy? and AnnaPS singlet

This comment will be both in English and in Swedish.

Today I felt really really sorry for myself. In fact, I felt that more or less the rest of the Swedish people would be much more happy than  I am. I got something missing which they got. Im not talking about an insuline production of your own….. Im talking about something white, cold and lovely… the rest of Sweden is filled with it but here, in the south, there is nothing! Im talking about SNOW!

AnnaPs singlet with Animas Vibe insuline pump

AnnaPs singlet with Animas Vibe insuline pump

So therefore I had to do my crosscountry-skiing pratice on rollers-skis today! I used new traning gear today- the AnnaPS singlet. AnnaPS is a brand which produce clothing with pockets for insuline pumps. I got a pair of knickers which I have written about before. Today I used the singlet, which has a build-in pocket which is placed under one´s chest. I thought it would be uncomfortalbe but it was brillant! I didn´t feel the pump at all! One of the best things with the singlet is that the insuline pump is hidden behind the clothes which is PERFECT for cold wntersports like crosscountry skiiing. I need to find out how warm/cold the fabrics is, is possilbe I will use this under my Craft thermal top at Vasaloppet!  I think it will also be very good for cycling (which I will check when I start to bike outside again in April.) This clothes are also available for children.

25 Dec same place as ...

25 Dec same place as …

...this but this photo is from 23 Dec.....

…this but this photo is from 23 Dec…..

Wednesday before Christmas I was supposed to practice roller-skiing with IFK Helsingborg but I had forgotten my skking-boots so I went running instead. One of my ”skiing-colluages” Göran was also running so it was nice with some company. Göran has done a lot of intresting sport stuff, he had biked aroudn Sweden for instance and been doing different sport acitivites around the world. Göran said” Have you heard about ”Border to border”? ”No what is that?” ”Its a 440 km long guided ski tour from Russian border to Swedish border, runs in March each year for seven days” Göran replied.

I cant get this race out of my head!!! Can I do it ? Can I train enought to do this?

Can I ”reload” mentally each evening to one more day for seven days? A ”Vasalopp,(the biggest crosscountry skiing race in the world) is 90 km. At ”Border to border”, the longest day trip is 75 km ( which is 6-8 hours of hard skiing) and the shortest is 45 km.  I have already done two borders,  from Sweden to Denmark but that was swimning in less than two hours, but this ?  And the even more important thing, how would my body as in diabetic typ 1 react?

Something I think I need a litte ”push-and-pull team” around me to suppirt and encourage me I have given it a secret though who I would like to join the ”team”.

  • Susanne ( a girlfriend, her son is diabetic type 1, Susanne is really good at orienteering)
  • Jenny (who I hope particapte with in Ö till Ö). This two ladies always encourages me and they have told me they say ”If Josefin beeing diabetic type 1 can train hard, then we can do it too.
  • Andreas ( member of IFK Helsingborg, he is diabetic type 1 since 20 years and he knows exctly how many % of my races are  willpower, stamina and technique. I belive he would put it in this order 😉
  • Camilla Lindholm is the best athletic I know personally. She is a European Champion in duatlon TWICE.
  • Henrik, diabetic typ 1 since 10 years, he also trains a lot and there is no one who knows Animas Vibe as good as he does.
  • My mental advicer would be Björn. He has know me since I was a girl, he is the reason why I have never given up sport, his wife was my PE teacher in primary school and he encouraged me to keep on running when I was 15-16. The last two persons in my team would of couse be Anders and Alvar .
  • Anders  loves cross country skiing and plan his life three months at a time due to cancer. He says ”Lucky you, you only got the ”suger illness” (diabetic type 1) and Anders loves cross country skiing.
  • Alvar is the best with being diabetic type 1.He said the other day ”The Vasalopp isn´t so special Josefin for us, we are only diabetic type 1,nothing else, we still got legs and arms to use.”. Good on you Alvar, you bring me down on earth 🙂 .

My manager asked me the other day ”Josefin, what would be your Christmas suggestion regarding travelling. I said ”A lot of client would like to discover Australia but they keep it as a dream, since they want to stay in Australia for at least 4-5 weeks. My suggestions is to go for two weeks beacuse you can experience so much more in two weeks then in a trip which will never take place.”The main question is, should I do as my  employers device?; Stop dreaming -just go!

Please feel free to response in my blog :)!


4 thoughts on “Border to border-RAJALTA RAJALLE- I am totally crazy? and AnnaPS singlet

  1. -5 och total isgata här! Den mesta snön är kvar! Bara att komma hit å åka skidor!! Häftig plan att ge sig ut på liten långtur…… 😉


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